The Surreal Society is a NFT project that consists of 5,000 high quality, handcrafted, animated avatars, which live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT will grant you access to the Surreal Society, which includes multiple perks, benefits, and utilities.

1 About

Owning a Surreal Society NFT grants you access to participate in coordinating the Surreal Vault, which will be initially funded with 50% of minting proceeds.

Our mission is to create a web3 brand and ecosystem that will unite a group of likeminded individuals set out to accomplish the same goal. Not only do we plan to build an everlasting ecosystem, but we want to overwhelm our community with both short-term and long-term value. We want to build a safe-space for anyone and everyone to come together and learn more about the evolving technology and advancements in the quickly adapting world we live in today.

With imaginative ideas, good execution, and the right team, we truly believe we can turn the Surreal Society into something special. Since the beginning, the heart of all of our ideas surrounded around the Surreal Society YouTube channel. Essentially, the idea is very similar to the content you can find on MrBeast Gaming. Holders will have the ability to vote on different experiences and events that will be documented and professionally edited for our YouTube channel, with the goal of expanding our community.

2 Roadmap

Project Launch 2.0


Coming in May of 2022. The final 4,000 Surreal Society NFTs will be minted on our official website. Date and time TBA. You can stay up to date by frequently checking our Discord server.

Community Wallet Funded


Once all 5,000 Surreal Society NFTs get minted, the community governed wallet will be funded with 50% of the minting proceeds. Additionally, over 10% of the secondary-sale royalties will funnel directly back into the community wallet. Finally, a large portion of YouTube and Twitch ad revenue will flow into the community wallet.

Team Scaling


The expansion of the Surreal Society team, starting with our Social Media team. We plan to continue expanding the team as we grow larger and larger, to ensure the content we are providing is at the highest level it could possibily be.

Acquire NFT Worlds


The official acquisition of an NFT Worlds NFT using the funds from the community wallet. NFT Worlds is the platform we will be developing our expansive play-to-earn metaverse. Once the Surreal Society community wallet acquires it's first NFT World, we will immediately stake it and begin development of our ecosystem.

Begin Metaverse Development


Once we acquire an NFT World, we will begin development of the Surreal Society play-to-earn ecosystem which every holder will get access to. We have partnered with both the StellarDev team and the LeadPro team to make one of the best experiences in the web3 universe. See our whitepaper for more information.

Virtual Events Initiated


Virtual events such as competitions, challenges, tournaments, and experiences will begin. Each event will include hefty prize rewards from the Community Wallet. Prizes will range from ETH, to bluechip NFTs, and so much more. Every virtual event will focus on creating content that we can feature on our YouTube channel.

Real Life Events Initiated


Each holder will get exclusive access to every IRL event we host. Our first stop is Las Vegas, Nevada. Each holder will have ability to RSVP to the event.

Virtual P2E Metaverse Launch


The official launch of the Surreal Society play-to-earn ecosystem which every holder will have access to. Not only will holders be able to hang out in a virtual world with fellow holders, but they will be able to engage in different experiences within our world and earn crypto while doing so. The majority of our virtual events will be held in this ecosystem.

3D Avatar Airdrop


The development and airdrop of playable in-game characters matching each NFT avatar from our official collection. Holders will be able to play with their very own avatar in our custom-built metaverse in NFT Worlds.

Roadmap V3.0


Roadmap V3 will be developed as we progress onward. Release date is yet to be determined.

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3 Team

The team building the society.

The most important part of every single project is the team running it. Projects can have the best roadmap in the world, but if the team can't execute it, then it doesn't matter. That is why we are continuing to add talented likeminded individuals that share our vision. The Surreal Society is being built by a team containing 10+ dedicated web3 enthusiasts.

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Operating Officer


Community Manager


Lead Artist


Blockchain Developer


Web Developer


Special Projects Coordinator


Social Media Director


Content Specialist


Graphic Designer


Public Relations


Frequently Asked Questions

If any questions are unanswered, feel free to ask any moderators in the discord or ask the community!

What is this project?

The Surreal Society is a NFT Project consisting of 5000 high-quality unique 3D animated NFT avatars. These NFTs are ERC-721 Tokens that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT serves as an access token, which will give you access to the Society which provides many perks & benefits.

What is the goal with the project?

Our mission statement is to provide as much value to all of our supporters as possible. As this space evolves, we want to evolve with it. Once all 5,000 Surreal Society NFTs have been minted, the Surreal Community Wallet will be funded with 50% of minting proceeds. Additionally, 10% of our secondary-sale royalties, and a percentage of our YouTube ad revenue will be added to the Surreal Community Wallet. This Wallet will be governed by all of our holders through a platform called snapshot.

How do you plan to utilize YouTube?

With imaginative ideas, good execution, and the right team, we truly believe we can turn the Surreal Society into something special. The main idea behind this project is the Surreal Society YouTube channel, which will be very similar to MrBeast & MrBeast Gaming. Each week, holders will have the ability to vote for different events, such as crazy competitions, challenges, campaigns, real-life experiences, and so on. All of these crazy events will be filmed, edited by professionals, and uploaded to our YouTube channel. We believe this is a unique way of reaching a new audience and to spread awareness about the Society. If done correctly, our audience will skyrocket.

Are we building on-top of NFT Worlds?

Yes! We will be building a massive ecosystem on top of NFT worlds. Holders will have access to this ecosystem, which they can earn $WRLD. This ecosystem will be one of the many platforms we hold different competitions and events on. Want to learn more about NFT Worlds itself? Check out their whitepaper:

Ok, but how will you execute the vision on NFT Worlds?

Great question. We have officially partnered with two very high-level build and development teams, StellarDev & LeadPro. StellarDev is the most experienced team within NFT Worlds, and in fact they are the only team that works directly with the ownership group at NFT Worlds to produce infrastructure everyone else utilizes. LeadPro is a build team designing and architecting Minecraft worlds. With over four years of experience, their quality level is one of a kind. LeadPro merges storytelling with Minecraft building to create beautiful environments for players. They have collaborated with renowned creators like Mr. Beast Gaming and produced worlds featured by the Minecraft Store.

Wen launch?

The launch of the final 4,000 Surreal Society NFTs are still TBD. We are going to ensure every aspect of the project is ready to go before we roll out the next phase. That ranges from this website, to the smart contract, and to marketing. With that being said, we expect sometime in May of 2022.